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Sempre’s principal offer is a complete discretionary portfolio management service for wholesale clients.

Our Individually Managed Account (IMA) is a tailored investment portfolio based on your specific objectives, liquidity requirements, investment horizon and risk sensitivity. Additional overlays may also be applied to cater to specific needs such as tax or ethical considerations.


We model optimal asset allocations to match your risk sensitivity using proprietary risk modelling.

When building your portfolio, our investment universe is unconstrained, and we can hold multi-currency assets and trade in over 90 international markets as well as in cash, fixed interest, options, international and domestic direct bonds, margin lending and foreign exchange.

The final result is a bespoke investment portfolio that is purpose-built for you.

Our services have a minimum investment of $1,000,000. 


  • Active Management – outsource your day to day investment decisions to a professional portfolio manager. 

  • Investment Choice – unconstrained investment menu to choose from. Multi-currency, multi-asset, international. 


  • Customisation – the ability to change your investment strategy when your circumstances change. You can also add personal overlays to your investment strategies such as tax or ethical considerations. 


  • Full Administration and Custody – safekeeping of your assets and administration on corporate actions, dividends, tax reporting and portfolio reporting 


  • Tax Efficiency – Beneficial ownership of directly held securities provides greater transparency from an individual tax perspective 


  • Transparency – 24/7 online reporting on transactions, performance and fees 

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