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Our goal is to collaboratively grow and preserve our clients’ wealth through all market cycles by building a unique investment portfolio suited to their risk sensitivity, investment horizon, liquidity needs and personal objectives.

This partnership is at the core of our success.



  • Having agreed to long-term strategic asset allocation with an investor, we will run this through a number of widely recognised risk measures and stress test the portfolio against a range of possible risks and outcomes. This ensures that we are not overly exposed to any particular event.

  • Our commitment to active management and liquidity allows us to move quickly if an unforeseen event creates unwanted risk in the portfolio.


  • We then construct portfolios taking into account more tactical views. Our tactical asset allocation allows us to take advantage of short to medium term opportunities such as mis-pricing or macro biases. Whilst we never lose focus on the long-term strategic asset allocation, we also seek to limit downside risk by being agile and improve returns by taking advantage of short to medium term opportunities.


  • Once arriving at the best mix of investments, we run additional overlays depending on each investor’s specific instructions (such as specific ethical restrictions).


  • We will also seek to achieve optimal after-tax outcomes for each investor, depending on their individual tax status.


  • Implementing a new portfolio involves some risk. The greatest risk is that of market timing. There are various strategies that we can employ to mitigate timing risk, all of which will be agreed initially with our investors. 



  • At Sempre, we believe in active management. Our portfolios are constantly monitored and our strategies are constantly reviewed. 

  • Most importantly, the ongoing active management of all our portfolios relies upon the partnership that we have with our investors. We check in regularly with our investors and urge them to contact us whenever they are curious, concerned or if things in their life change. 


  • Each investor at Sempre has their own, unique investment mandate. This is developed through consultation and the sharing of ideas, aspirations and experience.

  • Understanding our investors' risk sensitivity, objectives, investment horizon and any liquidity requirements.



  • We draw on the expertise of market leading, independent research houses when building asset allocation models and individual portfolios. We have a rigorous process for selecting external fund managers that include quantitative and qualitative measures.

  • When reviewing a manager, we consider performance, governance, scale, experience and sustainability. We also demand access to decision makers and a transparent process.

Our Partnership Approach
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